Nianlong Li

Nianlong Li

Staff Researcher
Human-computer Interaction

Lenovo Research

About Me

I am a Staff Research at the Lenovo Research. My research interests lie in the area of human-computer interaction (HCI), focusing on interaction techniques in virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), understanding and modeling human behaviors.

I received my Ph.D. (Jan, 2022) from the Beijing Key Lab of Human-Computer Interaction at the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISCAS), advised by Prof. Feng Tian and Associate Prof. Teng Han. Before coming to ISCAS, I completed my B.S. degree in Software Engineering at Xiangtan University in 2016.

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  • VR/AR Interaction
  • Haptics and Illusions
  • Multimodal Interaction
  • Human Behaviors Modeling


  • PhD in Computer Science, 2016-2022

    University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • BSc in Software Engineering, 2012-2016

    Xiangtan University

Recent News

[05/2021] Awarded President Prize of Chinese Academy of Sciences!
[04/2021] Our full paper entitled "Douleur: Creating Pain Sensation with Chemical Stimulant to Enhance User Experience in Virtual Reality" is accepted by IMWUT 2021!
[12/2020] Our full paper entitled "vMirror: Enhancing the Interaction with Occluded or Distant Objects in VR with Virtual Mirrors" is accepted by CHI 2021!
[11/2020] Awarded National Scholarship for Doctoral students!
[10/2020] Attending UIST 2020 virtually for presenting our paper "HapLinkage"!
[10/2020] Will give a presentation in the thesis communication of HHME 2020 , see you in Chongqing, China!
[08/2020] Our full paper entitled "HapLinkage: Prototyping Haptic Proxies for Virtual Hand Tools Using Linkage Mechanism" received an Honourable Mention Award at UIST 2020!
[03/2020] Our full paper entitled "Get a Grip: Evaluating Grip Gestures for VR Input using a Lightweight Pen" received an Honourable Mention Award at CHI 2020!
[06/2019] Our full paper entitled "Modeling the Uncertainty in 2D Moving Target Selection" is accepted by UIST 2019!
[04/2018] Attend CHI 2018 @ Montreal, Canada. Present LBW posters and serve as the volunteer for ChineseCHI 2018 Wokshop.

Selected Publications


Patent No. CN 2020106088083      Filed: 2020-06-29
A Target Selection Technology in 3D Environment based on Motion Trend Information
Feng Tian, Nianlong Li, Jin Huang, Hongan Wang

Patent No. CN 2018115182867      Filed: 2018-12-12
A Data Processing Method and Diagnostic Device for Assisting Disease Diagnosis based on Daily Necessities
Feng Tian, Xiangmin Fan, Nianlong Li, Junjun Fan, Hongan Wang

Patent No. CN 2018105586224      Filed: 2018-06-01
A Moving Target Selection Technology based on Correction of User Performance Model
Jin Huang, Nianlong Li, Feng Tian, Hongan Wang

Honors and Awards

China National Scholarship for Doctoral students (top 0.2%)

See certificate

Best Paper Honorable Mention Award (top 5%), ACM UIST 2020

See certificate

Best Paper Honorable Mention Award (top 5%), ACM CHI 2020

See certificate

Outstanding Graduates of Hunan Province

See certificate

CCF Elite Collegiate Award

See certificate

National English Competition for College Students, Second Prize

See certificate

China National Scholarship for Undergraduates (top 0.2%)

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ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Contest, Bronze Medal (Xi’an Site, Guangzhou Site)

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Teaching Assistant
UCAS - User Interface Design, Development & Evaluation (251M6008H) - 2018, Spring
UCAS - Intelligent Human Computer Interaction (251M5009H) - 2017, Fall
Chinagraph 2018 / CHI 2020 / CHI LBW 2020 / ICMI 2020 / CHCI 2020 / CHI 2021
Public Science Day of Chinese Academy of Sciences 2019 @ ISCAS
National “Software and Network” Summer Camp for College Students 2018 @ ISCAS
ChineseCHI 2018 @ Montreal, Canada


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    Haidian District, Beijing, China 100094